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Commercial and residential Septic Cleaning 

            Permanent Basement Entry

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Concrete Stairwell

Precast in one piece
Thoroughly vibrated for maximum density
Manufactured to rigid specifications for controlled high quality
A performance-proven product
Can be installed on poured concrete and concrete block foundations

PreCast Concrete Products 

We manufacturer many different PreCast Products. Below you will find a list of many of our products.

​> We offer Several Different Sizes of Septic Tanks 

> Manholes

> Catch Basins

> Trench Drains 

> Drywells

> Jersey barriers

> Propane barriers

> Bunk Silo walls

> Small Walls 

> Mid Size Landscape Blocks

> Flouts for septic systems

> Water tanks 

> Water Troughs agriculture 

>Spring tanks

> Transformer pads

> Rain drains 

> Splash guards for gutters 

> Patio Pavers

> Chlorine Chambers

> Septic tank concrete risers

> Well tile

> Distribution boxes

> Veteran plaque bases

> Light pole bases

> Porch piers

> H feeders Agriculture

> J feeders Agriculture

> Security blocks

> 45 degree security blocks

> Steps for your home or business

> Hatchway steps for your basement/ Bilco doors

> Round septic tank replacement lids for metal tanks

> Cattle grates

> Cattle guards